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Born in Seoul, South Korea, and trained in Ceramic Art (BFA, MFA from Hongik University, Seoul, and MFA from University of Wales Institute Cardiff, UK), I had various experience of exhibitions and teaching, including winning the grand prize in the 12th Seoul Contemporary Ceramic Competition. Before I moved to Newtown, CT in 2013, I have lived in many places such as Seoul, Cardiff, London (UK and Canada), and Urbana IL. Now I am settled down in Newtown with my husband and two sons, and have been working in my home studio. In addition to my ceramic work, I enjoy creative activities like Korean-American fusion cooking, yoga, gardening and adventures with my children.

Artist Statement

I used to build ceramic sculptures for many years during 1985 through 2005 in Korea, U.K, Canada, and Urbana, IL. During that time, I tried to visualize the contrast and harmony of conflicting characteristics of clay - hard and soft. This concept comes from a desire to express energy and impact at the moment of creation of the universe, and its expanding moments right after. I built natural shapes of clay by throwing a big chunk on a hard surface or tearing it with my hand or foot. I used various shapes of opening created by stretching holes on thick slabs to build cubic structures with openings. I combined these contrasting shapes like fitting puzzles, so as to create harmonious structures. The openings going through the heart of the cubic structure were put in contrast to its straight lines. They were intended to show how existential objects interact with non-existing emptiness by revealing the empty space. Since I moved to Newtown, CT in 2013, I have been working in my home studio. Now, my passion is to introduce functional and decorative forms to my abstract sculpture. Taking from my Korean background, I am experimenting to marry traditional Korean slip work with free hand carved patterns inspired from the nature such as leaves and flowers. I really enjoy painting with colorful underglaze on wheel-thrown porcelain pieces of animals and hand built shapes of house. I find it more interesting nowadays to see my work based on what I see and how I live rather than searching for something I never saw or touched.

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